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Hollywood Film-Maker Helps Launch Leicester Media School

Film maker Terry Bamber was at Leicester’s De Montfort University on Wednesday to launch a new Media School.  The assistant director and production manager whose credits include hit TV series Luther, 101 and 102 Dalmations and Bollywood blockbuster Ra One, spoke to aspiring film makers for over an hour, revealing secrets behind some of the world’s biggest film and TV shows.



He revealed just what it is like to work with the likes of Tom Cruise on Edge of Tomorrow and Idris Elba on TV’s Luther in a wide-ranging discussion with the Head of Leicester Media School, Professor Jason Lee.


Mr Bamber’s current project is the reboot of the 1960s classic series The Man From UNCLE, starring Hugh Grant and Henry Cavill.


Mr Bamber, who has also worked on the last six James Bond films, also gave his top tips to aspiring film-makers, “Don’t give up on anything, because you’re going to get lots of knock backs, and if you’ve just come out of college or you’ve making your own little film and you send that off to somebody you’ll get a million and one people say we haven’t got time to look at that, you only need to be lucky once, so never ever give up”



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