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City Council Confiscates Noisy Neighbour’s Equipment

An ongoing “noise nuisance problem” in city has resulted in the occupant of a flat having their equipment confiscated. This action was taken by noise and pollution control officers from Leicester City Council.

Nearby residents to the flat, situated in Grange Drive, between Glen Parva and Eyres Monsell, had complained about very loud music from the property both in the day and night-time.

Coronavirus restrictions meant neighbours were spending more time at home than usual and were unable to get away from the noise. Although, granted, residents should not have to leave their home to escape disturbances.

Equipment was seized during to deal with the noise complaints – image credit: Unsplash

The city council has claimed to have formally asked the culprit to keep the noise down on a number of occasions, yet further noise problems were reported between October 2020 and January 2021, resulting in Leicester Magistrates last week issuing a warrant allowing the noise and pollution control team to enter the flat and remove the equipment involved.

The seizure was carried out on Thursday, February 4The tenant can claim the equipment back after a month but will have to pay the costs that were incurred during the seizure of their property. Further reports of noise nuisances could mean other equipment is also confiscated.

Leicester assistant city mayor for neighbourhood services, Cllr Kirk Master, said: “The noise problem from this flat has been going on long enough for neighbours to seek our help in resolving it.

“Unfortunately, an informal letter to the resident asking him to keep down the volume didn’t have any effect, and further problems were reported.

“Getting a warrant to enter the flat and seize the equipment involved was our only choice given that the tenant had failed to respond to our previous attempts to resolve the problem.”

If you have been experiencing noise nuisances and noise pollution, then these cases can be reported via the council website here:


By Sam Ellison

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