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City Council financial support – Covid19

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Support is available to help ease financial hardship that is being felt by people who are affected by Coronavirus.

Leicester City Council wants to let locals know that they can still get support and advice from them. Staff will be available to provide online and phone support to any Leicester residents facing financial hardship due to the current situation with the Coronavirus.

Advice can be found on these topics:

  • Housing Benefits
  • Universal Credit
  • Council Tax Support
  • Renting

Support for residents may include temporary adjustments to household council tax bills and council rent.

The Council has said that no recovery action will be taken in regards to pursuing council tax or rent linked to Coronavirus. There will also be no measures taken to evict people from council homes where the impact of the virus has left people unable to pay rent.

City Mayor Peter Soulsby said: “I understand that many people will be fearful and anxious in the difficult circumstances that we now face as a result of this unprecedented pandemic.
“Many individuals and families will be worried about financial hardship caused by this crisis but the council has a range of support in place to help.
“We have committed to using our uncapped hardship fund to provide discretionary housing support and council tax relief, as well as emergency support grants to those worst affected.
“There will be no pursuit of council tax arrears and no evictions from our council properties due to a lack of income clearly caused by the Coronavirus crisis.
“There will undoubtedly be some very difficult times ahead, but be assured that the city will be supported by the council throughout this crisis.”

The UK Government has also announced that all households of working age that receive council tax support will receive an extra £150 credit to go towards their council tax bill for 2020/21. In the meantime, households that receive council tax support have been instructed to continue to pay as normal, and then any overpayments will be refunded in the future.


The following contact points have been provided by the City Council:

If you require support with your council tax you can contact the team on 0116 454 1005 or email
If you need housing benefits advice, you should call 0116 454 1006, or email

There is also help available for people who are experiencing financial crisis which has left them unable to pay for food and utilities.

To claim for crisis support, you should email your name and contact number to
A member of staff will then call back between 9.30am and 4pm Monday to Friday to complete your application over the phone.

For more info on the benefits available visit
Advice on Universal Credit is available on the Government’s website at


By Sam Ellison

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