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Leicester City Council want to stop rough sleeping by 2020

After releasing a five-year plan to tackle homelessness in Leicester, Councillor Andy Connolly has told Pukaar News that the council want to stop rough sleeping by 2020.

The council announced plans to work alongside the private sector in landlords, to help ease the housing crisis, as the UK’s lack of social housing continues which has led to homelessness becoming a more common theme as a result according to many experts.

Last year, the city council spent £5 million on trying to stop homelessness, helping over 3,000 households and preventing 90% of those from becoming homeless.





Assistant Mayor for housing, Councillor Andy Connolly, told Pukaar News:

“One rough sleeper is one too many. Our target is to cease rough sleeping in the city by 2020”.

He hopes to use private landlords and extra cash from the government to get more people off the streets and into homes:

“Persuading private landlords to have homeless people as tenants (will help stop homelessness).

“Everybody realises the unfortunate number of rough sleepers in every city in the country is increasing and it’s becoming a major problem. In order to attack it effectively, we need more money,” Councillor Connolly explained.

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