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Education Secretary Visits Leicester’s First Free Sikh School

Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan paid a visit to Leicester’s First Free Sikh School, Falcons Primary School today.


The school was opened two weeks ago, although it was originally due to open in September, but the school’s funding was withdrawn by the Department for Education.



After looking around the school and meeting pupils and staff, Mrs Morgan said, “there were some initial problems, but as we can see it has been worth the wait, its a happy purposeful school with fabulous children and a committed staff, governors and parents and its just a delight to be here”


Speaking of the governments support of faith school, Mrs Morgan said “we are great supporters of faith schools, and we think that they bring a huge amount to the education of the children in this country, and this school is particularly dealing with the need for more school places in Leicester and I think it will be offering a fantastic education”


Newly appointed head teacher of the school, Jasbir Mann explained the ethos behind the Sikh free school, “Its a school that based on the five virtues of the Sikh religion, and the five virtues are compassion, determination, faith, resolve, mastery”.


“The challenges are ensuring that the community understands that a Sikh school isn’t just for Sikh pupils, the virtues I’ve spoken about, I think are what most schools will aspire to anyway”


“It would be fantastic to have children from a range of backgrounds and cultures”


Some parents of pupils at the school said, “now school been opened, we are so so excited, I don’t know how to express my happiness, kids are so excited”


“Its like a dream come through for the Sikh community in Leicester, particularly this side of Leicester, we cant expect anything else but this kind of gift”


“Mainly I think he will learn more about Sikhism in this school”

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