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Archbishop of Canterbury arrives in Leicester

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, arrived in Leicester today as he visits the city and Leicestershire over the next few days.

Earlier today, the Archbishop stopped off at Guildhall before making his way to Leicester Cathedral for a special service, with choirs from local schools performing to celebrate his arrival.

The visit revolves around a series of “big conversations” where the first bishop of England sees first hand the variety of issues that may be going on around the county and how those issues are being resolved and fixed.



Today’s “big conversation” focused on the poor and the excluded and how those in need of help can overcome their struggles.

Dean of Leicester, Very Reverend David Monteith, spoke to Pukaar News about the Archbishop’s arrival:

“We started by thinking this morning about those who are poor and excluded and what we can offer them – and he (the Archbishop of Canterbury) said we can offer them love! And that’s a great message to start his visit with.

“I think people will be encouraged by his visit because there’s lots of really good things going on in local places that we need to celebrate.

“I think he’ll challenge us to do more and to do different and do better.”

The Archbishop travels to the St John Baptist Church in Kings Norton tomorrow for morning prayer, before heading off to a ‘prayer webinar’, where pupils from 20 different schools will directly engage with him live online.

On 16 November, the Archbishop will then travel to Leicester Prison before finishing his Leicestershire journey at a Q&A session at De Montfort University.

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