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Sir David Attenborough opens new university building

Sir David Attenborough returned to his hometown of Leicester alongside his nephew, Michael, to open a new state-of-the-art medical building at the University of Leicester.

The building, which has been described as a ‘new cutting edge medical teaching and research’ centre, has been named in honour of George Davies, the founder of ‘Next’, a high street retailer.

The retailer is based in Leicestershire and Davies has strong connections to the university after donating £5.15 million for research into peripheral vascular disease.

George Davies told Pukaar News:

“I hope it motivates people because if you have motivation you can achieve anything in the world.”

Sir David Attenborough also spoke fondly of his return to Leicester:

“It’s nice to come here as I spent the formative years of my youth here…so Leicester means a lot to me and has it changed in recognition since I was a boy.

“I’m sure it (George Davies building) will be a very valuable addition to training doctors across the country.”

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