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1.5M Indian soldiers who fought for Britain in WWI remembered

A new project launches in Leicester in March, bringing together members of the Hindu, Muslim and Sikh communities to learn and celebrate their shared history of contribution to Britain in the First World War.

Project ‘Unknown and Untold’, aims to foster an increased sense of belonging and shared identity among British Asians as we remember the 1.5 million Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs that fought for Britain in WWI of 1914-18.

Within Leicester we are blessed with a rich cultural diversity of citizens and it is this that the project hopes to celebrate and also commemorate.

Photo Credit: National Army Museum
Photo Credit: National Army Museum

Dilwar Hussain, Director of Leicester based organisation New Horizons in British Islam said: “We hope and pray that the example of that generation who stood together, fought together, bled together, and many of whom died together, will serve as a constant reminder that, a century on, we must learn to live together and work together in pursuit of peace.”

‘Unknown and Untold’ is a partnership between British Future and New Horizons in British Islam, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The project kicks off next month with two community meetings which include presentations, discussions and refreshments on Tuesday March 8 at 6-8pm and Saturday March 12 at 2-4pm.

A day-long history and arts workshop will follow on Saturday April 16 for ten participants who want to engage further with a chance to see artifacts, letters and photographs from the British Indian army and will be guided through original poetry, film and writings.

Avaes Mohammad, project coordinator for the ‘Unknown and Untold’ project said that this should be a great opportunity for us to understand South Asia’s long heritage of inter-faith co-operation and comradeship.

“We hope the ‘Unknown and Untold’ project will provide an opportunity for Leicester’s South Asian communities to lead the way in strengthening relations among each other, and to help understand the long history that everyone shares right across modern Britain,” said Mr Mohammad.

Details of times and dates and how to register to attend are found at the following link:

Photo Credit: British Library
Photo Credit: British Library



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