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Brave Jack Receives Award from Ambulance Service

Bravery Awards

Friday March 16th was a very special day for four year old Jack Lythall as he was unexpectedly presented with a Bravery Award by the East Midlands Ambulance Service during morning assembly. The award was in recognition of Jack’s calm manner and helpful behaviour when his younger brother, one year old Frankie, suffered febrile convulsions (seizure) at the family’s home in Market Harborough.


On February 25th Jack’s mother Polly realised there was something seriously wrong with her youngest son whilst he was sat in his high chair, she said “As I started to feed Frankie he stared into space and his eyes rolled into the back of his head from there he started convulsing. It was a very frightening situation”.


Polly immediately called the emergency services and paramedics quickly arrived on the scene. However, in the panicked situation she was unable to find her keys to let the paramedic into the house. Luckily Jack gestured to them to come around to the back door so that he could let them inside.


Malcolm Cross who was first on the scene said,


Jack let me into the house and introduced me to his mother. When I was attempting to revive Frankie he stood to one side and let me get on with my job. Meanwhile Jack busied himself by checking to see if his dad was on his way home. He also let the other members of the paramedic crew into the house once they had arrived on the scene. Often youngsters can get quite upset when they see their parents are worried or anxious, Jack was concerned but he remained calm and knew what he was doing.


Once inside the paramedics placed an oxygen mask on Frankie’s face and he was soon brought back to consciousness. From there Frankie and his mother were taken to Leicester Royal Infirmary where Frankie received treatment.

Bravery Awards


Jack, who attends Market Harborough Church of England Primary School, was presented with the award by EMAS operational support manager and paramedic, Debbie Tweedle.


On presenting Jack with the certificate Ms Tweedle said,


A couple of weeks ago when your little brother was very poorly my colleagues came out and visited your home. When they returned back to the hospital they told me how impressed they were with how brave, polite and well behaved you had been during the entire incident.


Jack’s mother Polly said,


Jack was fantastic he managed to remain calm throughout everything that was going on. I think if he had broken down and cried as well it would have been a much more traumatic situation. We are really proud of him and glad that something positive has come out of all of this.

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