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Leicester city council have revealed this week that they plan to invest in the redevelopment of an old factory building, converting it into office spaces for growing businesses and start up companies.

Pilot House on King Street is to be the target for these renovations, which are intended to be converted into high quality workspaces to accommodate companies that wish to move to Leicester, and to also encourage creative agencies and new-talent start ups to consider taking root in the area.

The new project, which will utilise the five separate inter-connected buildings and the addition of a shared courtyard and atrium, a business zone and a co-working lounge, is expected to also have the potential to accommodate units for retail too.

Image credit: Leicester City Council

City Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby said: “Pilot House offers huge potential to provide much-needed, high quality office space in a very attractive part of the city.

“The investment we have already made in this area has brought in hundreds of jobs thanks to the relocation of Mattioli Woods.

“By redeveloping Pilot House we will be able to bring in hundreds more, and to cement the reputation of this area and the city as a fantastic place to do business.”


If the planning applications of the city council are approved, they intend to seek external funding opportunities for the redevelopment. The project could cost somewhere in the region of £9 million.


The city council hopes that work will begin in the spring of 2021, if all goes as planned.

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