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On Monday (27th) over 100 young people from schools around the county visited city hall to weigh in on how the city and the city council should respond to the world’s climate emergency.

Expert speakers also attended the gathering to share their views and discuss with the Young People’s Climate Assembly how Leicester can become carbon neutral.

At city hall, young delegates were able to attend a selection of workshops and talks, where they were able to put forward their own suggestions for how they believe the city of Leicester can tackle the climate emergency in their action plan.

The keynote speech was held by James Veness, three-time arctic expedition member and expert on school energy efficiency.

Keynote speaker, James Veness (Image Credit: Leicester City Council)

Chair of the Young People’s Council Hanniya Kamran, who helped organise the event, said: “The event has been really good – it’s been about looking what the solutions are.

“There are so many different areas to consider, and people have been coming up with ideas and really been thinking outside the box. You can see the spark in their eyes.

“Young people are the vehicle of change – they are changing and adapting to events, and we need that in response to climate change.”

Deputy City Mayor for the Environment and Transportation, Cllr Adam Clarke said: “This was a superb event and it was fantastic to hear the thoughts and ideas of so many well-informed young people.

“I want to thank everyone who contributed and especially the members of the Young People’s Council who made the event happen. I hope all the young delegates will continue these important conversations with their family and friends at home.

“The climate emergency will mean making big changes to the way we live and work. It affects us all, and that is why it is so important that we allow everyone to have their say on how the city responds.”

Deputy Mayor Cllr Adam Clarke (Image credit: Leicester City Council)

This assembly of young minds was just a part of the city council’s 12-week programme, which is intended to get the thoughts of the public on how they can deal with the city of Leicester’s own impact on the climate.

Members of the public in Leicester can help out today by filling out some information here about their impact regarding the environment, such as waste generation, travel habits, and water and energy consumption. You can also put forward your own suggestions on the survey.

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