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Councillor Manjula Sood MBE says the people of Belgrave are ‘very concerned’ following the suspected murder of Ramniklal Jogiya, who police believe was taken into a vehicle against his own will along Belgrave Road whilst he walked home from work.

74-year-old Mr Jogiya was found dead on  the morning of 25 January on Gaulby Lane, in Staughton, Leicester.



Manjula Sood MBE, Councillor for the Belgrave ward, says the incident has shook the community:

“The community just cannot believe it – it is shocked.

“Shopkeepers, everyone, is just very concerned,” she said.

Councillor Manjula Sood MBE now wants anyone with information to contact the police or Crimestoppers:

“They’ve (police) had a few calls through Crimestoppers which has been very useful, they told us. So I would urge the community and anybody who was in the area at that time, in what is a very busy road. Any information they’ve got, don’t think it’s important or not, it will help them”.

Yesterday, the police announced that they are appealing for help to identify the movements of two vehicles that the force believe may have been used in the kidnap and death of Mr Jogiya.

The two vehicles are a white Ford Transit van and a blue Ford Fiesta ST.

DCI David Swift-Rollinson, who’s leading the investigation, said:

“Our evidence suggests that Mr Jogiya was pulled into this van as he walked on Brandon Street. The Fiesta is also believed to be linked to this crime so establishing where these vehicles travelled throughout the evening of Wednesday 24 January is vital. “

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