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‘Crime Matters’ Campaign Launched by Charity


Today Crimestoppers launches a national discussion to encourage the general public to share their views on crime in an open and friendly outlet, via the crime-fighting charity’s channels and social media platforms. After holding a survey, they found that over 60% of people viewed Youth-related crime, online crime and domestic violence as the biggest problems and so they will be tackling these issues over the next five days, giving people the opportunity to voice any concerns.


The British public can have their say by posting on the dedicated blog, creating a space for discussion on which to project personal views and opinions. This will give people a chance to talk about the issues that are troubling them, and find out what is currently being done to fight crime across the UK, as well as including posts from crime experts, academics, MP’s and journalists.


Much of the campaign will use social media to aid discussion – Crimestoppers’ Facebook and Twitter pages will contain blogs, photos and video content, as well as encouraging participation in surveys and polls. By using the hashtag #Crimematters on Twitter, people can engage with the campaign itself and give their input about how these crimes affect them and their families. They want to hear from people who care about the community and want to make it safer for all. Unlike the Crimestoppers core this debate will not be anonymous but the charity will continue to take anonymous information on crime throughout the week.


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