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Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service, Leicester City Council, Leicestershire Police and Crimestoppers have joined hands to launch the ‘Celebrate Safely Campaign’ that includes tips to keep safe over the festivities taking place from 24 September and 5 November.

Diwali 2013
‘Celebrate Safely Campaign’ Credit. Pukaar News

With events such as Diwali, Eid, Navratri, Halloween and even Bonfire Night, it’s important to keep safe. The campaign gives handy advice on how to help look after yourself, as well as your family and possessions.


The various events taking place will have representatives from each of the four organisations who will promote the campaign and provide information on the day. Everyone is welcome to come along and meet the local officers during these series of occasions.


Assistant City Mayor Councillor Sarah Russell said: “At this time of year we often see an increase in the number of calls to the council and emergency services from people needing help or advice”.


“These events will offer residents the chance to speak to their local officers and wardens about a range of community safety topics”.


Leaflets are also provided as part of the campaign, containing specific advice for certain celebrations such as Eid, Diwali and Navratri, honing in on tips from at home – whilst cooking, to being out and about – protecting yourself and your belongings by being discreet with valuables.


For Halloween, the campaign even considers people to display a ‘no trick or treaters’ poster for those that don’t want people knocking on their door and conveniently provide a poster online.


Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service’s Area Manager for Community Safety, Andrew Brodie said: “We love to see people celebrating, but celebrating safely. Go to organised fireworks displays and licensed bonfires rather than holding your own, they’re better and safer. And if candles are used in any of your celebrations, use them carefully, not in cupboards or near curtains and make sure they can’t fall over.”


Photo by: Nishant Vagharia
‘Celebrate Safely Campaign’ Photo by: Nishant Vagharia

Chief Superintendent Rob Nixon said: “This is a great opportunity for us to work together to ensure that our communities have a safe and enjoyable time when celebrating.


“We don’t want people to have their celebrations ruined because they’ve been a victim of crime.”


The organisations have created pages online devoted to offering people advice on how to celebrate safely in the city and will act as a key information point for the campaign. For more information visit:,,



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