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Leicester House Fire: Dr Taufiq Sattar Speaks to Press in Dublin


Speaking to the press after the burial of his wife and children, Dublin-based Doctor Taufiq Sattar thanked fellow mourners and stated that he was contented that his family was at peace.


“I am happy now that my family is resting with dignity.”


Highlighting the “softness in the heart of the people”, Dr Sattar told of his appreciation for the residents of both Leicester and Dublin in the way they had expressed their condolence for his loss.


He then stated that he will try to fill his life full of work for the wider Islamic community and that his family will always be with him and was sure they would be re-united.


“They are with me all the time and will be waiting for me in paradise.”


Dr Sattar’s wife and four children were killed in a house fire in Wood Hill, Spinney Hills, Leicester on the 13th of September.


Last Thursday, up to 7,000 people attended funeral prayers for the family at Spinney Hills Park.


Eight people have now been charged with murder in connection with the fire.


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