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Elderly Man Left Lying on Road for Two Hours Waiting for Ambulance

An elderly man was left lying on the road with broken hip for over two hours waiting for an ambulance to arrive.
East Midlands Ambulance Service have launched an investigation to find out why 62 year old Roy Everett was left lying in the road in the pouring rain for so long.



Neighbours dialled 999 at 1:15pm on Sunday just after he fell.  They brought him pillows and covers to protect him from the rain while waiting for the paramedics.


The incident took place on Perth Avenue in the New Parks area of Leicester.


The ambulance didn’t arrive until around 3:30.


62 year old Roy Everett lays on the road waiting for an ambulance for over 2 hours after breaking his hip. Credit. Pukaar News


East Midlands Ambulance Service has admitted its response was “unacceptable”, and has begun an investigation.


“We’re still not achieving all the standards. What we are doing is achieving the life-threatening response standard of 75% within 8 minutes which we achieved at the end of July – we’re achieving the year-to-end position on that.”


“We intend to improve that standard yet further. What we need to be aware of is when we receive a high volume of calls, we have to prioritise those appropriately and we want to be able to respond to the life-threatening calls in the shortest timescale possible.” said Richard Henderson from the East Midlands Ambulance Service.


An Ambulance finally arrives just after 3:30. Credit. Pukaar News
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