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First Ever Graduation Ceremony at Curve Theatre

DMU Graduation at Curve

Graduations from De Montfort University have taken place for the first time at the 61 million pound Curve theatre in Leicester. The venue marks a change for the university where until now graduation ceremonies have traditionally taken place at De Montfort Hall. The move comes after a cultural partnership was formed between the university and the theatre in September 2011.


The event saw members of the university’s Faculty of Business and Finance receive their awards in the Curve’s main auditorium and utilized the building’s technological capabilities broadcasting the on-stage happening on two huge video monitors.


Chief Executive of the Curve, Fiona Allan said,


“It’s been really exciting for us to have this number of students join us, over the last three days we have welcomed 1100 students to the Curve. We’ve done something quite special for the graduation, the studio has been opened up and that is where the students sat facing their friends and family who were seated in main auditorium.”


Vice-Chancellor of De Montfort University, Dominic Shellard hailed the move as the start of a “new era for graduations” at the university and told the students that the building was a “perfect venue to celebrate this major landmark” in their lives.


Although the move to the Curve is not without controversy, an online petition has been signed by a number of De Montfort University students asking for the ceremony to be returned to its original venue, many of those graduating were very pleased with the location.

DMU Graduation at Curve


Sarah Abdaless, who received an MSc in Accounting and Finance, said


“I think today’s graduation at Curve was very student focused. I have been to De Montfort Hall for a graduation ceremony before but the Curve is a much more modern building. This event was better organised because our graduation robes where here in the same venue as the event.”


Dr Peter Rowan, who received a LLM in Medical Law and Ethics, said


“I’ve been to four separate graduation ceremonies at London, Cambridge, The University of Ulster and this one is the best presentation I’ve ever been to I found it the most personal and moving. I think you would find it difficult to better this venue for an event.”


Amongst the receiving honorary awards was Mr Graham Cartledge, Architect and Chairman of Benoy Ltd, will received an Honorary Doctor of Design award. Mr Cartledge told the students that in the 47 years since he first studied architecture the process of learning still continues in his life.


The graduation ceremony ended with the singing of the national anthem by two members of the De Montfort University Gospel Choir.


Click here to watch the Graduation Ceremony at Curve Theatre.

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