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One of the biggest IT and business consultancies in the world is planning to create up to 20 jobs at a new office in Space Park Leicester.

CGI, which employs 82,000 consultants and professionals across the globe, is also planning to move 20 existing staff to the £100 million University of Leicester-led facility, which opened earlier this month by UK astronaut Tim Peake.

Picture: Space Park Leicester

The business said the move will be part of a company’s commitment to investing in the UK’s space sector, as well as adding the city to its network of offices across the UK. It employs 5,500 experts across the UK and also has new offices in Leeds and Liverpool.

Its Leicester team will work on Earth Observation apps programmes, space ground segment software and systems, as well as satellite communications and mobile apps – including developing its GeoData360 intellectual property in a number of markets.

CGI’s UK clients range from the police to local government, healthcare, banking, utilities, justice, defence and space. The company delivers secure, mission-critical space software systems including satellite communications, 5G, EO, command and control, ground segment, navigation and situational awareness.

Tara McGeehan, UK and Australia President at CGI, said: “Space Park Leicester brings together industry partners and academia to help advance the UK’s thriving space industry.

“Our investment in the Park will help us build on our mission-critical IT systems that are used to support both commercial and defence upstream space clients as well as supporting our clients in other industries based in the area, including those making downstream use of space data.”

Space Park Leicester has been designed to enable collaboration between The University of Leicester’s researchers and the private sector, creating high quality jobs, building skills, and contributing to economic growth and resilience of the regional and national economy.

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