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Hare Krishna Enjoy Annual Rathayatra Festival


The annual Hare Krishna festival, Rathayatra took place in the city this weekend encouraging thousands of followers to take part and join in the celebrations.


Now in its 16th year in Leicester, the parade started at the city centre before heading towards the Belgrave area with what started as a procession of a thousand people. This number was soon added to as many joined in the lively dancing and chanting, following the brightly decorated chariot.


Rathayatra is a widely celebrated festival which honours Lord Krishna. Originating from the East Coast of India from over 2,000 years ago, the celebrations rejoice in the feeling of closeness with Krishna and inspire people all over the world to join together and chant the Hare Krishna maha-mantra.


President of ISKCON Leicester, Bradyumna Das was expecting high numbers of visitors from all communities to join in the celebration. He told Pukaar News “It’s a very joyous occasion, they participate, they enjoy and they follow the precession to the park to enjoy the festivities.”


After the procession a colourful festival took place at Cossington Park with stalls and spiritual entertainment in honour of the gathering. An astonishing ten thousand people turned up to eat the specially prepared feast and celebrate.

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