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Traders on London Road Step up Security Following Smash and Grab Raids

There has been a step up of security by local shop owners in Leicester, after a series of smash-and-grab raids that have been taking place in the city over the past two weeks. There has been talk of it being one man who is responsible for this spate of break-ins.



Traders in London Road are saying that nine shops and flats have been burgled in the past fortnight. Victims include a barber’s, an interior shop and a take-away. A number of flats above shops have also been targeted.


Most of the break-in cases have been described as being unsophisticated, with the intruder kicking in doors and forcing open windows. Items that seem to have been taken are cash, small items of stock and charity collection tins.


Victims of the raids are now considering spending thousands of pounds in an attempt to improve the security of their businesses, due to the fear of further break-ins.

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