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Narborough Road Most Ethnically Diverse in the Country

Leicester is a city renowned for its diversity in culture and Narborough Road is no exception, marked as the most muti-national road in Britain.


Its one mile length road is home to at least 23 different nationalities, from countries such as Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia as well as Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan. But how has this road changed over the years?

Mr Sangra from Shonki Bros, an estate agent on the road says “The road has change tremendously over the last 30 years since I’ve been here, there are more and more different international people and cultures coming in, and the road brings in a lot of people. It’s a very nice area with no problems. The road attracts a wide age group, not just for the bars but for food tasting also”

With 222 shop units, Narborough Road has become more than just a shopping destination for international produce over more recent years, but a nightlife location because of its vast array of bars, restaurants and takeaways. Mr Shah, from a Newsagent on the road tells us what has attracted more people to the local area.

“The road is forever changing, all the while. Leicester has always been a city that has in-fluxed people because of the jobs and because its a city cheaper compared to the likes of London.”

Narborough road is a great asset to the city and an interesting way to see so many different cultures running their businesses simultaneously together.

A local resident stated “Its brilliant that you don’t have to go into town to find what you need. Here you’ve got Indian restaurants, Polish shops, everything you could need from different cultures. Theres something different to try whenever you step out of the house, and of course you get to meet people from all walks of life. Its brilliant in my opinion.”

An area that was once quite derelict has come to life again over the last 10 years and become a lively part of the city of Leicester.

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