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HBO TV Role for Former Loughborough Performing Arts Student

The principal of a Leicestershire performing arts school, has opened up about her experience of teaching Bella Ramsey – a former student who has recently joined the star-studded cast of new HBO television show ‘The Last of Us.’

Bella Ramsey, attended Loughborough’s Stagecoach Performing Arts for eight years.

Since leaving the school, the 19-year-old has gone to to achieve a string of amazing roles, including that of ‘Lady Mormont’ in the multi-award winning ‘Game of Thrones’. Bella’s appearance, at the age of 12, made a big impression on viewers, who praised her acting prowess at the time.

Picture: Bella Ramsey

However, her latest role is that of ‘Ellie’ in HBO’s ‘The Last of Us.’ It is a starring role which is set to see her star rise even further.

Jo Gallagher, Principal of Stagecoach Loughborough, said she has been amazed by Bella’s “breathtaking success” since leaving the show.

“We are proud of all our students, but the success that Bella has achieved is phenomenal. She was outstanding during the eight years that she was with us, but her success now is breath-taking,” she said.

“From Game of Thrones to The Worst Witch to Judy to Catherine Called Birdy, and many others in between, she has had so many amazing successes and we are enjoying watching her talent just grow and grow.

“The family continues to keep in touch, and when we celebrated our 30th Anniversary as a school and party for the staff, students, and parents (past and present), Bella came. One of the highlights of the evening was when an Early Stages student came to me in awe and said, “The Worst Witch is here”! Brought tears to my eyes. So, our love for Bella and our respect for her journey just goes on and on.”

Set in a Post-Apocalyptic USA, ‘The Last of Us’ tells the heart-breaking tale and journey of Joel, a hardened smuggler, who has been tasked to lead 14-year-old Ellie out of an oppressive quarantine zone. What seemingly is a small task becomes a much larger one filled with hope and despair, as Joel and Ellie must depend on each other to survive.

Based on the award-winning video game, which also features co-stars Pedro Pascal, Storm Reid, and Nick Offerman, the show is currently playing on HBO, every Sunday at 9pm.

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