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Hot Stuff at the Curve


Hot stuff is a Seventies-set glam rock musical currently running at the Curve theatre in Leicester. The storyline is based around a disco dancer named Joe Soap, who wants to be a famous rock star with money and power. In order to get this he has to sign a deal with the devil’s disciple in the form of a female impersonator Ceri Dupree as Lucy Fur, but will this bring him the happiness that he so desires?


The storyline is rather weak and has been done many times before, but this is not the main focus of the show, but rather a vehicle to bring in a variety of songs and impersonations from the 70s and 80s. But by far the real star of the show is Lucy fur, providing the majority of the comedy, with her going through numerous costume changes, getting more flamboyant as the show goes on.


There are also some brilliant performances by the other cast members including Jason Denton playing the characters of Joe Soap, the glam rock star Lenny Lurex and the Punk Jimmy Filth, as well as radiant performances from, Melvin Whitfield as the Narrator and Ngo Ngofa as Julie (Joe Soaps girlfriend).


The stage props, costumes and music really do help give the show that 70s feel which for the older audience members will bring back a flood of memories from the era and give the younger audience members an insight into the fashion and music of the time.


The music was an important part of the show which helped break up the scenes and really help the story along, with a good balance between pop, disco, glam rock and punk, with songs being covered from the likes of the Rolling Stones, Donna Summers, Tina Turner and Michael Jackson, these songs were all performed live on stage, with the band occupying a small corner.


Director Paul Kerryson is well experienced and this shines through with Hotstuff, Music director Julian Kelly and Lighting designer Chris Ellis did a magnificent job.


The show we were at was on a Tuesday night with the audience not getting as involved as in earlier showings as one audience member explained to me after having seen the show 4 times.


All in all a good night out, thanks to the vibrant cast, wonderful music and brilliant comedy this really is a night out for all the family. The show runs until the 6th November, with performances every weekday and on Saturday with a matinee on Wednesdays. Ticket prices range from £16 to £26 with discounts for under 16s and over 60s. For tickets go the curve website at or alternately ring the ticket office on 01162423595.

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