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Hundreds Protest at Leicester Clock Tower over Treatment of Palestine

This evening saw hundreds turn out at Leicester’s clock tower to protest against the treatment of Palestinians under attack in the Gaza Strip.





The event which started at around 5pm was organised by the ‘Friends of Al Aqsa’ a group which want freedom in Palestine.



Suleman Nagdi from the Federation of Muslim Organisations said “the event will highlight the issues and will show the people of Palestine that they are not alone, all over the world, I’m sure there are many many cities in many countries that are in solidarity with the Palestinian people”



Leon Charikar from the Leicester Progressive Synagogue was also showing his solidarity and said “I think its important that people can express themselves, express there views, and I hope its an opportunity for Jews and Muslims in this county to maintain our good relationships”



“I have relatives in Israel who are currently going to shelters and I’m sure there are people here as well who have relatives in Palestine, so we just need to try and step back from the violence and try to work together as we do very well in Leicester”

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