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Leicester’s Singing Policeman Kulbinder Rai Talks to Pukaar News

Kulbinder Rai known to many as ‘Leicester’s Singing Policeman’ talks to Pukaar News about his passion for singing and where it all began.



The Punjabi singer who has released two albums and three singles, also talks about how the loss of his wife back in 2010 to pancreatic cancer, started his passion for raising money for charity.


In 2008, Kulbinder started to pursue his passion for music and recording when at the age of 50, he released his first album titled ‘Khangoora.  It is only now after six years of recording, performing and making music videos that the former constable has decided to make his passion his full time job, taking a break from his long term career in order to fully concentrate on his music.


“If you have a passion for anything, its never to late, but I have never given up, if there’s something you want to do you have to keep going, it might take time, it normally does, if you think your going to get something over night, it will go over night, it wont last for long, so the hard work will show up in the end”

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