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Inspirational UK entrepreneur becomes bestselling author

This week, a story of bravery and the reclamation of strength has catapulted UK entrepreneur into the bestsellers list on Amazon, within a mere couple of hours of its release.

The Harrow-based author wrote her new book ‘It Starts With Me – An anthology of the magic that happens when women reclaim their strength and their stories‘ flew to the top spot on the Amazon bestseller charts in 8 different categories. This included Business Biographies and Primers, Business Biographies and Memoirs, Personal Transformation, Inspirational, Spirituality, Business Finance & Reference, International Business & Finance, and Creativity & Genius. Sonal’s new publication has overtaken the likes of Robin Sharma, author of The 5am Club, and Simon Sinek, author of Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire.

Sonal Dave, age 52, has found much success in her life running up to this moment. She is an Award-Winning Celebrant, Toastmaster, Public Speaking Expert, and Magistrate, and says she’s on a mission to “inspire and empower people to learn the life skills of Communicating with Confidence and Storytelling”. Sonal believes this will help people to open doors to follow their dreams and passions and find their purpose. She thinks that breaking down barriers and facing challenges head-on can be done by everyone and lead them to success. 

Sonal Dave, author of It Starts With Me – Image Credit: Sonal Dave

In her book ‘It Starts With Me’, she tells about how she has faced many situations that have presented themselves as barriers in the way of her success, and how she has dealt with them even when it seemed impossible. The story discusses the challenge of an Indian woman in a white man’s world and the struggles she went through as well as her victories. The aim of the story is to inspire and empower other Indian women to be bold, have a voice, and that it’s ok to follow your passions and not adhere to the expectations of those around you.

Sonal said: “It’s a dream come true to become a published author and I am so happy that this book has become a best seller. Being a part of this powerful female tribe who are all incredible businesswomen and we have together linked arms and supported each other through the process. I am so excited to be part of this collaboration book. To be an author has been on my vision board for a couple of years and now to actually have done this with these amazing ladies is just awesome. I have seen others around me become authors but I didn’t see many people like me. This will have a huge impact on me and my life journey as I continue to help women show up in the entrepreneurial space and then live the life that they want to.”

It Starts With Me: An Anthology Of The Magic That Happens When Women Reclaim Their Strength & Their Stories is available to purchase through Amazon and Waterstones. The Kindle edition is also available at


By Sam Ellison


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