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Let’s Talk More Episode 3 – Meera Majithia, Entrepreneur

In our third episode of Let’s Talk More, Romail Gulzar spoke to Meera Majithia, an Entrepreneur from Leicester. Alongside her business ventures, Meera is also a former member of the Pukaar team, and has also recently released a book about wedding planning. 

Meera has spent a lot of time working on her successful business pursuits and is evidently a very driven and kind soul. Meera has tackled many different industries such as wedding planning, journalism, and even match-making! Her new book titled: Planned to Perfection, A modern approach to wedding planning for the Indian and Interfaith Bride aims to practically guide the bride and groom through every step of their journey. It starts from the engagement to the heart stopping moment of walking down the aisle. Not only is it a practical guide but it serves as an emotional buoyancy to the stresses of planning the biggest day of most people’s lives.

Check out the full interview below, to find out more about this Leicester local and her plans for the future. And don’t forget to stay tuned for more episodes of Let’s Talk More, every week!

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