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Let’s Talk More Episode 2 – Matthew Lowe, Wealth Management Consultant

Episode 2 of Let’s Talk More saw Romail Gulzar discussing money, money, money with Matthew Lowe, a Wealth Management Consultant from Mattioli Woods. They talk all about his role at the company, and delve into who Matthew is as a person. Mattioli Woods is a leading provider of wealth management services in the UK, which has offices up and down the country from London to Aberdeen. Their Leicester office, as many locals will have seen, sits comfortably in place of the old Leicester city council building just off of New Walk.

The Mattioli Woods Group was founded in 1991 by Ian Mattioli and Bob Woods, and has developed into a corporate powerhouse. They have over 10,000 clients, manage assets, and provide administration and advice to the tune of £9.3 billion.

Matt has been a part of the Mattioli Woods team since 2013 and originally started out as a Client Relationship Manager taking care of admin work and different types of pension schemes for clients. Now, as a Wealth Management Consultant he looks at how best to achieve his clients’ financial objectives. “Business owners and individuals will come in to gain financial advice on how to get to where they need to be in relation to their goals,” Matthew explains. “It’s important to note that wealth management is not exclusive to the ultra-high net worth. It’s for anyone that is trying to maximise what they have.

Check out the latest episode below:

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