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King G Mall in Ice Dhol Challenge

Birmingham based Dhol player, King G Mall took the ice bucket challenge to a whole new level by using his spare dhol drum, instead of a bucket for the challenge after a wedding performance.

King G Mall presenting a cheque of £401 to the Lord Mayor's Deputy Councillor Anita Ward.  Credit. King G Mall
King G Mall presenting a cheque of £401 to the Lord Mayor’s Deputy Councillor Anita Ward. Credit. King G Mall


After acknowledging such a huge charitable trend, the Dhol Blaster’s member wanted to take part in the challenge, but in a slightly crazier way.


He came up with the idea while he was performing with his band at a wedding. With a spare dhol lying about, he asked one of his group members to fill it with water and ice.


He told Pukaar News, “It was entertaining and fun, everyone was excited and gave money. It was all for a good cause.”


After they finished playing, the dhol was filled with cold water, and poured on him by the groom of the wedding, which added to the comedy of this challenge.


Many people donated after seeing his “ice dhol challenge”, raising £401 in total – with £101 added from his pocket out of good will.


However, King G Mall decided that instead of giving the money for ALS research, which is what the challenge raises awareness for; he decided to give the money to a charity he recognises. He said, “It feels good that the money goes to a good cause. My team members were saying people do it for a good cause, but the money doesn’t go to it.”


He adds: “I believe that I do this work for charity, god gives me in return.”


Some of the charities he already supports are BBC Children in Need and others that aid those with Leukaemia and kidney dialysis and more.


He presented a cheque of £401 to the Lord Mayor of Birmingham who he gave freedom to give to any charitable cause, but Mall had said he was going to recommend a hospital to donate the money to.


The video of the challenge, titled “ice-dhol challenge by King G Mall” was uploaded onto YouTube soon after and has gained over 3000 views.


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