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King of the Dhol Drum

Pukaar News Proudly Presents ‘King of the Dhol Drum’, a documentary about the life of a drumming superstar, who propelled Bhangra music to new heights in the western world.



The documentary shows the rise of King G Mall, a Bhangra musician from Birmingham, and how he turned a traditional Punjabi instrument in to an instrument that is now at the heart of every Bhangra performance.


Starting off from humble beginnings in India, to now playing to fans around the globe, we follow Gurcharan Mall as he returns to his home village for the first time since leaving in the 1960s.  We also show his rise to fame with the band Apna Sangeet, his family life, his charity work, his world records and his many other achievements in Britain and throughout the world.


Even after decades of success, he’s still recording and teaching the art of drumming, but all of the success, has taken its toll on his family life, he regrets not giving more time to his growing children when he had the chance.


“Over the years, I haven’t taken my kids out, I haven’t been to their school, I never been to their parents evening, I never took them out, I just purely sacrificed my life, to my Punjabi arts” says Gurcharan.











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