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Leicester welcomed the 15-strong motorcycle club, the Khalsa Bikers into the city today, as part of their charity tour across Great Britain, which takes place from Wednesday 17 to Sunday 21 July.


Revving their way to Guru Tegh Bahadar Gurdwara’ on East Park Road, crowds turned out to witness the Sikh motorcyclists as they pull up to their second stop on a five day tour named “Route 13”. This journey will see the Khalsa Bikers ride to 13 cities from London all the way up to Edinburgh, stopping off at Newcastle, Cardiff and Birmingham to name a few.


Khalsa Bikers have raised over £25,000 since their establishment in 2011, of which Leicester’s Sikhs have been proudly contributed to this year. The charities which are being supported on ‘Route 13’ are Khalsa Aid, the Humanitarian relief agency; Pingalwara Trust, an Indian based charity for orphaned or unwanted children; and Everythings13, an educational charity aiming to share Guru’s wisdom with the world.


If the current sunshine and heat is getting a bit too much for you, spare a thought for the leather-clad motorcyclists who still have 4 days of hot biking to undertake.  Leader of the Bikers Ranveer Singh commented upon how the beautiful weather was affecting their ride. “It is hot but when you’re on the road it’s actually quite nice, there’s a nice breeze.”


Leicestershire Sikh Alliance spokesperson Katar Singh said “We are privileged that Leicester has been chosen on their current Route 13 tour, and the way these guys have fused their passion for motorcycling with fund raising is inspiring for all.”


For more information on how to support the Bikers or to sponsor them and help raise even more money, please visit or follow them on Twitter @khalsabikers

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