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Leicester Hosts Humanitarian Cricket Tournament


This weekend saw Leicester play host to a humanitarian cricket tournament which aim was to bring all of the UK cultures together.


The event now in its third year was organised by volunteers from the Sant Nirankari Mission.  Seven teams from across the country competed in the 1 day tournament with a London side taking home the coveted Human Unity Cup.


The Sant Nirankari Mission is a spiritual movement which aims to cut across all divisions of caste, colour, and creed.


Event organiser Gurpreet Bhatia explained “the idea behind the cup is to get teams together from all parts of the country and to promote a message of human unity, but through sports”


Leicester Businessman Vic Sethi who handed out the trophies to the winning teams said “Sports is one thing that brings people together regardless of countries, colour or faith, it brings people together on one platform for one cause and that’s getting together and being together” 


He also mentions the importance of sports on health “we have a lot of health issues because there’s a lack of exercise and sports is very good at resolving this”


A player from the Leicester team commented: “We’re here for the human unity cup and everyone played with the human values and the aim we came here is not about winning or losing, yes its a competitive sport at the end of the day, but I think everyone played with a good sportsman spirit”


The day was enjoyed by all who took part as well as the spectators.


“Its brilliant, I saw it the first time and I really enjoyed it, I have no clue about cricket but I still really enjoyed it”


“it was really really interesting, everyone had a really good vibe, and they all sort of played well, there was healthy competition”



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