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Members of differing faiths from across the county came together earlier this month in a special congregational celebration of World Religion Day, hosted by the Leicester branch of the Sant Nirankari Mission.

The event, held at the city’s Nirankari Satsang Bhawan Centre for Oneness on Sunday 15th January, welcomed approximately 25 representatives of different organisations including The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; Islam; Bahai; Sanatan Dharam and Brahma Kumari.

Photo Credit: The Sant Nirankari Mission

Founded in America in 1950 by members of the Bahá’í Faith, World Religion Day is a celebration of the common beliefs shared by all world religions and aims to promote understanding of the many faiths across the globe.

The Sant Nirankari Mission is a spiritual movement that promotes religious tolerance and unity. People from all faiths regularly attend the Sangats (congregations) in their Centres for Oneness across the UK.

A representative from the Federation of Muslim Organisations said: “I really wanted to applaud and thank the centre for the event today, it’s so important that we come together to celebrate our oneness and our diversity and the things that we share in common.”

Photo Credit: The Sant Nirankari Mission

Carol McReynolds of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints said: “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the day. It’s been a wonderful time to be able to meet with other religions and I think it’s a great time that we have to be able to learn and grow together, to work in the communities I think as well, to share the knowledge that we have to be able to make sure that the world becomes more peaceful and a happier place to live.”

Also present at the event were Councillors Manjula Sood MBE and Piara Singh Clair MBE, who both expressed their appreciation for the Sant Nirankari Mission and spoke of their long standing association with the movement.

The event served to promote Leicester’s rich multi-faith culture and demonstrate how members of different religions share similar philosophies and ideologies.

By Jennifer Morris


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