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A new affordability survey has identified Leicester as a top 10 student city.

The results of this year’s NatWest Student Living Index have been revealed and Leicester is the 8th most affordable city for students in the UK.

These results come just after another survey identified Leicester as being among the top places in the Midlands. Leicester is ranked fifth in the new table from a rise of four places from last year.

Photo Credit: Chris Martino

Now in its fourth year, the NatWest Student Living Index 2017 asked 3,407 students across 35 popular university cities how much they spend on everything from food, rent, bills to going out and socialising. The results are then divided that by their income, whether that’s from student loans, part-time work or the bank of mum and dad.

Here are the key findings for Leicester:

  • The Bank of Mum and Dad tops up students term time income by £218.60 each month – which is £13.40 more than average
  • Students are the 7thhighest earners from holiday work, earning on average £98.70 each month
  • Students receive £21.40 from bursaries and scholarships each month, which is £13.30 more than average
  • Students spend below average amounts on alcohol and going out


For the full Student Living Index list visit:

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