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Leicester Ramadhan Festival raises over £100,000 for Gaza and Syria

Celebrated over four days, during the holy month of Ramadhan, the now annual Ramadhan festival has raised thousands of pounds to send humanitarian aid to Gaza and Syria. The festival which took place at The Spinney on Frisby Road from the 24th – 27th of July had attracted people from all over the country.


The festival in partnership with Human Appeal, a global charity that raises money to offer aid and assistance to disadvantaged people around the world including Syria and Gaza, had created unity within the community, with support and attendance from different background and faiths.

Abdul Osman, Director of the Ramadhan festival shared “Celebrating Ramadhan in Leicester has shown its diversity, with different communities that have come to show their support”.

In its fourth year, the festival was inaugurated and opened by the Right Honourable Lord Mayor John Thomas, with support from Keith Vaz, local Member of Parliament for Leicester East and Leicester South MP Jon Ashworth, who showed his support by fasting for the day.

Stall holders from all over the country including Scotland and London and Nottingham joined together to show their support by selling a wide range of ethnic goods including Middle Eastern and Eastern wares, women’s designer wear, handbags and shoes to delicious cuisines and hand-crafted Eid gifts such as Arabic perfumes and health products.

Among the 30 to 40 volunteers that showed their support, one shared: “There are people in Gaza & Syria who are suffering by living in poor conditions, they don’t have clean water and this is why it’s really important for us to get together as a community to show them they are not alone”.

Catering for all ages, the festival included a children’s play area and interactive sessions including Islamic art, exhibitions and calligraphy talks.

The festival, which received local support from the community and Crimestoppers to raise awareness, achieved their target to send aid to provide support for operations in hospitals, care in IC units, power and fuel for a number of days and to cover food and water costs in Gaza and Syria.

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