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PRESS RELEASE: “ Its Bigger, Better and Even More Vibrant”: Ramadhan Festival Returns



“ Its Bigger, Better and Even More Vibrant”: Ramadhan Festival Returns

The Spinney, Frisby Road, Leicester, LE5 0DQ


The annual Ramadhan Festival returns to Leicester this month in a series of vivacious festivities to celebrate the Holiest time in the Muslim calendar. Now in its fourth year, it runs from 24-27 July in the heart of the city at The Spinney, and 10,000-15,000 people are expected to attend.

Leicester Ramadhan Festival 2014
Leicester Ramadhan Festival 2014 returns to Leicester for a fourth year. Credit.

The event will be officially inaugurated by the Right Honourable Lord Mayor Councillor John Thomas, and a number of special guests will take part in the festivities., Guests will be invited to The” Big Iftar”  to break their fast amongst other local attendees, as well as a series of talks from esteemed inviduals.


During the month of Ramadhan, Muslims fast from sunrise until sunset, and the event will be open until midnight so that people will have the opportunity to collectively break their fasts. It’s a time for reflection; the Islamic faith teaches the importance of giving to charity and as such, the Ramadhan Festival in partnership with Human Appeal, a global charity that raises money to offer aid and assistance to disadvantaged people around the world. During the festival there will be plenty of fundraising opportunities, including an auction with special prizes amongst other fundraising activities.


The Ramadhan Festival promises to offer something for all the family with children’s play area for young people to enjoy as well as Islamic art and Exhibitions, calligraphy talks, and prayer facilities. There will also be a wide range of boutiques  with between 50 and 60 stalls selling a variety of Middle Eastern and Eastern wares, from delicious cuisines, to hand-crafted Eid gifts such as Arabic perfumes , women designers wear, ranging from bags to shoes.


Abdul Osman, Director of the Ramadhan Festival commented: “Ramadhan is hugely important for Muslims because fasting gives people a sense of what it is like to be hungry and to experience poverty. As well as thinking about those who are less fortunate, it also has health benefits, and it helps to reboot our entire system, it’s a time for giving to charity helping those in need and a time to contemplate.


“The Ramadhan Festival is unique to Leicester and it gives the diverse and multi faith community of Leicester the chance to celebrate together, we want to make the event an inclusive festival that is embedded in the festivals celebrated in Leicester we encourage all to attend this year promises to be bigger, better and even more vibrant.”



Note to Editors


Ramadhan Festival is in its fourth year running and is expected to attract between 10,000-15,000 people from around the UK. It coincides with the last weekend of Ramadhan, and revellers will have the chance to shop for Eid gifts at the various stalls, enjoy delicacies with which to break their fast, and celebrate the Holy Month with their families, friends and the wider community.


Leicester Ramadhan Festival at – The Spinney, Frisby Road, Leicester, LE5 0DQ


Time – From 2pm every day (24-27 July 2014)


For more information contact:

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