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THE Archbishop of Canterbury has addressed the congregation of a church in Pakistan which was bombed back in 2013, urging them to put their faith in Jesus and the Holy Spirit during these difficult times.

The most Reverend Justin Welby, arrived at Pakistan’s Lahore airport on Friday (February 25) on a three-day visit to Pakistan.

On Sunday, he attended All Saints Church in Pakistan, a church which was bombed back on September 22 2013, by two suicide bombers.

127 people were killed as a result of the attack, making it the deadliest attack on the Christian minority in the history of Pakistan.

“I’ve wanted to come here for many years, but every time i have tried events have prevented me,” said the Archbishop addressing the congregation on Sunday.

“But now it has been possible and I have the privilege of being with you. For simply by being with you I give you strength.”

During his address, the Archbishop talked about the mystery of suffering, and also spoke about the current situation in Ukraine, urging the congregation to put their trust in God during these difficult times.

“At a time like this it’s easy for evil people to lead God’s people the wrong way,” he said.

“The question underneath all this in times of worry and fear is who do we trust, and we have to look and see who wants to lead us.

“Should you trust an Arch Bishop from England? Not necessarily. There are plenty of bad archbishops. I hope i am not one of them, but I am a human being like you are so I get things wrong,” he continued.

“Should we trust politicians? Not necessarily; some are good, some are bad. The answer is we trust God, as God is revealed to us in the Lord Jesus Christ.

“And how do we find that? We find that first in the scriptures, secondly in the lives of those who are faithful to Jesus and thirdly in the holy spirit guiding us,” he concluded.

“The scriptures tell us that the God who is revealed to us in Jesus says that we are to stick with him, we are to be a part of him and we are to do that whatever the cost.”

Picture: Pukaar News

During his three-day visit to Pakistan, which ends tomorrow, the Archbishop also met the President Dr Arif Alvi, Prime Minister Imran Khan, foreign minister and various religious and political leaders.

Chairman Pakistan Ulema Council and Special Representative of the Prime Minister for Interfaith-Harmony and Middle East Hafiz Tahir Ashrafi said the Archbishop of Canterbury is a spiritual leader of Christian community, and is being respected and loved all over the world.

He said the people and the government of Pakistan welcomed the Archbishop, as his visit would promote interfaith harmony in Pakistan.

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