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Leicester’s Belgrave Flyover to be Demolished Over 9 Weeks


It has been revealed today that the nine-week option has been chosen for the demolition of the Belgrave flyover after members of the public were involved in a two-week consultation to decide the best method for the work. The result was announced by City Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby and Keith Vaz MP for Leicester East, following a significant response of nearly 1,000 participants.



Sir Peter said “the consultation has produced a very good and very clear response from local people, they want us to get on with it and to get it out of the way”



More than two-thirds were in favour of the nine-week choice, chosen above a 14-week plan that would have involved only partial road closures and less traffic disruption, but over a lengthier period of time.



The Flyover will be closed from midnight tonight, with work due to begin on February 15th involving the flyover being taken down in three large sections over two nine-day periods.



From 15-27 February, traffic won’t be able to exit the junction north towards Belgrave Road or enter the island from the southward inbound carriageway. Then from 15-23 March work will continue to remove the sector of the flyover above the southernmost section of the roundabout. Work will take place between the hours of 7am and midnight, and the council has assured residents that the noisiest activity will happen during the day.

This is part of a joint project between Leicester City Council and Sainsbury’s to regenerate the Golden Mile, improving connections between the area and the city centre. Whilst the demolition will be finished by April, further road works at the roundabout and the creation of 78 new parking spaces means that the majority of work won’t be completed until October 2014.



The public clearly want the work done as quickly as possible, displayed by their reaction to the choices. Undoubtedly there will be large levels of disruption, but people are being aware made of alternative routes.



More information can be found on the Leicester City Council website:

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