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Local Firm Shows Light Pollution in Leicester Via Aerial Photographs


Coalville based aerial survey specialists Bluesky have taken night time pictures of Leicester with a new camera it is testing as part of work being carried out with the University of Leicester.

The pictures were taken from a plane at 3,000ft, using a newly developed night-sky mapping camera which uses a technique known as nightmapping.

Bluesky technical director James Eddy said “there is an awful lot of data in the images and we are using special algorithms to try and pull out the light data of each individual light source, there lots of applications for this, one of which is to help local councils with their local energy management”

Scientists at the University of Leicester say that night time images of the city will allow them to look at the real impact of artificial lights on humans, energy consumption and the environment.

Dr Roland Leigh has said that his team were in the process of interpreting the data: “These images will reveal valuable information on our use of artificial lights in our urban environments, and the impact they may have on humans, natural ecosystems, and our use of energy.”



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