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A man whose brother-in-law died after he assaulted him in a fight has been sentenced to over three years in jail.

Martin Casey was involved in a fight with 28-year-old William Harty in Bedale Drive, Leicester, during the early hours of Monday, October 25 last year.

William, known to family and friends as Billy, was found in the street suffering from head and facial injuries.

He was taken to hospital where he died during the early hours of the following morning.

Casey, 29, of Golf Course Lane, Leicester, handed himself at a police station shortly after William’s death.  When he was arrested he stated to officers that he had been involved in a fight with William.

Casey (pictured) stood trial at Leicester Crown Court charged with murder and was found not guilty of murder by a jury last Thursday (May 12). He pleaded guilty to manslaughter at an earlier hearing.  Today (May 16), he was sentenced to three years and four months in prison.

Image of Martin Casey.PNG
Picture: Leicestershire Police

Detective Inspector Jenni Heggs from East Midlands Special Operations Unit Murder Investigation Unit was the senior investigating officer in the case.  She said: “There are certainly no winners in this case, a family have lost a loved one and a young man now faces a considerable time behind bars for his actions.

“William’s family and friends have shown immense courage and dignity throughout the investigation and legal proceedings, because of the family connections this was in no way easy for them.

“Yet again, this case demonstrates the consequences of violent behaviour which has resulted in a life being lost. Hopefully the time Casey will now serve in prison will give him an opportunity to consider his actions and the impact not only on him but his family too.”

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