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A COALVILLE community group have taken action to improve the town by commissioning a new mural featuring one of its most iconic landmarks.

Coalville Community Action Group have raised funds for the eye-catching artwork, which sits on the side of a building in the town’s Belvoir Road.

The mural, created by Loughborough artist ‘Buber Nebz’, features Grace Dieu Priory Ruins, which are a landmark close to the area.

Picture: Stephen Saunders

Tricia Burton chair of Coalville Community Action Group (CCAG), said she wanted the mural to inject some colour and interest into the town, which often gets overlooked.

“Coalville has been very downtrodden in the past, and there’s a lot of negativity,” she told Pukaar News.

“It used to be a really thriving town, and all it needs is a bit of investment really. “Coalville deserves better and the cost of commissioning one of these murals is not massive for what it does for the area.

“I’m fed up of people saying negative things about it, and that’s part of the reason I set up CCAG,” she added.

“You’ve got to have a positive attitude and build things up instead of tearing them down. Do something about it and try to change things, instead of just moaning.”

It’s not the first time that CCAG has commissioned a mural in Coalville, which has a strong mining history.

Last year, one was completed on the side of the Engineers Arms Pub, as a tribute to its mining heritage.

Picture: Tricia Burton

And when it comes to brightening up the town, Tricia and her team don’t plan to stop there.

They are already busy fundraising for a third mural in Coalville.

“It would be great if Coalville could be known for something positive, like its artwork,” said Ms Burton.

“I’ve lived in Leicester, and I’ve lived in Ashby too, but compared to those places Coalville is quite downbeat. We’ve got plenty to be proud of here, and the town has the potential to be quite a quirky place, but it’s often overlooked,” she added.

“I’m passionate about changing the perception.”

To donate towards the cost of the town’s next mural, visit:

By Louise Steel

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