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Pankaj Udhas Arrives in the UK for National Tour


Bollywood legend Pankaj Udhas arrives in the UK for his first tour of the UK in over four years.  The tour organised with the help of Rock On Music, will see Mr Udhas’ perform first at De Montfort Hall on Friday 4th April, this will be his first concert in Leicester in ten years; having played at huge venues across the world, including Madison Square Gardens. Mr Udhas says he is ‘’really excited’’ about performing in Leicester again because the crowd is ‘’One of the most rocking audiences’’ which ‘’really motivates the artist’’. Despite having performed at massive venues across the world such as Madison Square Gardens, he says that he is looking forward to perform at De Montfort Hall because ‘’The venue is fantastic’’.



Pankaj Udhas has released well over 40 albums during his career which started when he began singing at the age of eleven, but his career really took off when he sang ‘’Chitthi Ayee Hai’’ in the 1986 film Naam. As a result he believes he is ‘’fortunate’’ to have such a range of songs to perform, but that  ‘’Chitthi Ayee Hai’’ is one of the songs that audiences request he perform the most. Mr Udhas will also be performing at the Eventim Apollo on Saturday 5th April and Birmingham New Bingley Hall on Sunday 6th April.



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