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If I could turn back time, I’d watch it all again! 

What can I say about The Cher Show?! It was an absolute scream and a delight from start to finish – a dazzling spectacle of fun, sass and leather studded attitude, which left me grinning from ear to ear (and wanting to belt out all of Cher’s hits all the way home!).

Picture: Pamela Raith

Packed with powerhouse performances, this is a show which doesn’t take itself too seriously. However, it still has moments of sentiment and soul stirring emotion, which can’t be denied.

Of course the songs are on point, and so is the level of ‘kick-ass’ empowerment on stage, as the performers belt out hit after hit.

The show consists of not just one – but THREE Chers, each portraying the pop diva at different stages of her life and career.

Millie O’Connell (left) plays the diva in her early years, when she starts out in the business alongside her husband Sonny. The performer brings a bright eyed ‘hippy vibe’ to the show – a fun and quirky style, and an undeniable sass which is synonymous with Cher during her early ‘I Got You Babe’ days.

Danielle Steers (centre), shines as Cher during her middle years, as she begins to find her voice (and an undeniable confidence in her own right). The star brings soaring (and seemingly effortless) vocals to the stage, which sound as if they might very well raise the roof.

But it’s Debbie Kurup who really steals the show as the veteran Cher – the battle hardened performer who’s been there, done that, and got the studded leather jacket (plus sequins and tassels to boot!).

Picture: Pamela Raith

She hits her stride half way into the show, and aside from providing powerful, and truly spell-binding vocals, she has all of Chers mannerisms down to a tee. And then there’s her comic timing, which is second to none – an absolute delight to watch!

For me, Jake Mitchell also stood out in his role as Bob Mackie – Cher’s (super camp) costumier, who struts around the stage with such glorious sass! And then there were his dance moves. Such a delight darling!

The Cher Show is a dazzling spectacle of fun, power and sass, and is it any wonder?! Directed by Arlene Phillips of Strictly Come Dancing fame, with choreography by Oti Mabuse (also from Strictly), this is a show which sparkles with fun and energy from start to finish.

It’s a show which keeps on giving –  a triumph of powerhouse vocals, joy and sheer entertainment which you can’t afford to miss.


By Louise Steel

The Cher show is running at Curve, Leicester until Saturday, April 23.

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