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Leicestershire’s Lord Lieutenant has held an exclusive garden party for 70 special residents, who have, or will turn 70 this year – the length of time Queen Elizabeth II has been on the British throne.

The special ’70 at 70’ event was held yesterday evening at Beaumanor Hall (Tuesday, May 31), as part of Leicestershire’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

70 special guests were invited to attend by Michael Kapur, the Lord Lieutenant of Leicestershire, who hosted the event.

“What we wanted to do, was try and give local people a little bit of a sense of a royal garden party in this special Platinum Jubilee year, and we thought what better place than somewhere we can be outside in the wonderful gardens of Beaumanor Hall”, he told Pukaar News.

“Everyone that’s come here today is very special, they’ve come here not just because they’re celebrating their 70th birthday in 2022, but because they’ve been chosen for the exceptional community work that they’ve been doing for many many years”, he went on to explain.

“I’m really proud to host the event here at Beaumanor Hall, the atmosphere is brilliant it’s a lovely old building, beautiful history, lovely gardens outside and everybody’s been telling me how excited they are to be here,” he added.

Picture: Pukaar News

Guests in attendance had been nominated by their family, friends and other associates, for their services to the community.

“I’m very honoured to be invited, especially to a building that I’ve worked in many years ago”, one guest revealed.

“I reached the grand old age of 70 in January, and I love the idea of today, ’70 at 70’, I think it’s a great initiative”.

“My daughter nominated me, and I didn’t know a thing about it until I got my invitation, and that was lovely – a real surprise!” added another.

“It’s a special year. It’s the Queen’s 70th and it’s also my 70th”!

This year marks 70 years since Queen Elizabeth ascended the throne in 1952- making her Britain’s longest reigning monarch.

“We’ve never had a Platinum Jubilee in this country before, we’ve never had a monarch reign for 70 years and who knows whether that’ll happen again”, said the Lord Lieutenant speaking about the importance of the occasion.

“So it’s a very unique piece of British history taking place over this weekend”.

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