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Tree Planted in Wigston to Remember the Late Queen Elizabeth II

An aspen tree has been planted in Wigston Cemetery in memory of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The tree was given to Oadby & Wigston Borough Council (OWBC) by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy, and planted by the Mayor of Oadby & Wigston, Cllr Rosemarie Adams.

Picture: Cllr Rosemarie Adams.

The Queen’s Green Canopy is a nationwide initiative which was first launched in 2021 to mark the Platinum Jubilee, and has now been extended to create a living legacy to Her Late Majesty.

An aspen tree was specifically chosen by the cemetery’s sexton as it is a native species and also has connections to burial grounds in folklore and mythology.

The tree has been placed as a focal point in the cemetery, creating a space where visitors can spend a moment of quiet reflection.

Further trees have also been planted in the borough recently under the green canopy scheme, including a ‘Queen Elizabeth’ variety of maple planted at Peace Memorial Park and nine trees to rejuvenate the landscape at Elizabeth Court in Wigston.

These are all in addition to the more than 1,000 trees also planted in the borough last year from the Local Authority Treescapes Fund, making a significant contribution to OWBC’s environmental targets and commitments to tackling climate change.

Cllr Adams said: “This is a poignant way to honour the memory of Queen Elizabeth II in our borough, and I would like to thank the CWGC for their gift.

“I hope that this tree is enjoyed by residents for years to come, keeping the memory of Her Late Majesty alive in a sustainable way for future generations.

“Wigston Cemetery is home to 33 Commonwealth War Graves, commemorating those who lost their lives in service in World War I and World War II, and in planting this tree it is important that we also acknowledge and remember them and their sacrifice.”

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