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A spiritual leader came from India to Leicester to take part in a special tree planting ceremony at the weekend, as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

The ceremony took place yesterday (Sunday, May 8), as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Green Canopy Campaign, a unique tree planting initiative created to mark Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022-2023.

The Jalaram Temple Leicester, assisted by the Hanuman Savak Group, hosted the ceremony’ at the Jalaram Temple Leicester, as a “statement of hope and faith for the future”.

Hindu spiritual leader Dwakeshlalji Mahodayshri travelled from India to be a part of the event, which saw 14 trees planting in total, including one dedicated to Simon Cole, the former Chief Constable of Leicestershire Police.

Picture: Pukaar News

Pramod Thakkar, Trustee of Jalaram Temple Leicester, said that the project was “so important for mother earth”.

“Trees are indeed essential, as they feed us and animals, provide fresh air to breathe, and support all other members of their eco-system”, he added.

“This is the kind of service that every human being, in every community needs to look at, and It is heart-warming that so many individuals and organisations have agreed to be part of at the tree planting ceremony. I know that these trees will go some way towards helping with climate change”.

As well as marking the Queen’s Jubilee, the ceremony was seen as an important reflection of Hindu values and worldview, where trees and plants are very much revered, and forests are seen as abodes of deities and sages.

In the Hindu religion, the woods surrounding us are seen as sacred groves called saran or areas of spiritual integrity. Sacred groves are considered to be abodes of mother goddesses and abound with plants such as the tulsi, a type of basil, and the Pipal tree (Ficus religiosa) also known as the bodhi tree because Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment under it, the tree that is the object of universal worship for Hindus in India and throughout the World.

The aim of The Queen’s Green Canopy campaign is to urge everyone from individuals to community groups, villages, cities, counties, schools, and corporates to play their part to enhance our environment by planting trees through to the end of the Jubilee Year.

Chief Inspector Audrey Danvers. Picture: Pukaar News

“The Queen’s unwavering dedication to the nation has been an inspiration to us all, so I am delighted that our organisation has led the way forward to plant trees to mark her Platinum Jubilee and support The Queen’s Green Canopy initiative on behalf of the people of Leicester”, said Mr Thakkar of the initiative.

“Planting a tree is a simple but enduring act that will provide habitat for wildlife and be enjoyed for years to come. I hope our initiative will encourage many more community groups, organisations, and Leicester residents to also plant a tree for the Jubilee, which will benefit current and future generations”.

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