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A carehome in Beaumont Leys has been renamed after a dedicated 96-year-old volunteer, who entertains residents five days a week, with bingo and other fun activities.

Beaumont Hall Care Homes has been renamed Bradley Hall, as a tribute to pensioner Tony Bradley, who is counted as a member of staff at the home, thanks to his dedicated volunteering five-days a week.

Picture: Ideal Carehomes

Since his wife Renelle moved into the care home in 2017, Tony has been entertaining and chatting to its residents. He spends five days a week at the care home, hosting afternoon teas, organising bingo games and special film shows. He also brings his dog Molly in to visit the residents and helps out with any odd jobs that need doing.

Sadly, Tony’s wife passed away in 2020 but he has continued his visits to the home, simply because he enjoys spending time with the residents.

Earlier this year, he was awarded an MBE for his services to the community, with many praising his selfless attitude in overcoming bereavement in order to comfort others.

“I just love spending time there, being with people and having fun with the residents and have no plans to stop anytime soon”, he said at the time.

Earlier this week, the new Bradley Hall sign was officially unveiled at the home, which sits on Beaumont Leys Lane, and is run by Ideal Care Homes.

Beaumont Hall care home manager, Lee Daly, said: “Tony is here all the time and can’t do enough to help us and spend time with our residents. We’re all very proud of him and this really couldn’t have happened to a nicer or more deserving person”.

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