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UK Pakistan Minorities Organisation Discuss Persecution in Pakistan


Pakistan Minorities Rights organization (PMRO UK) organised a conference at the House of Lords in London.  The conference called Persecution of religious Minorities in Pakistan was hosted by Baroness Berridge on March 12.


The Organiser and participants demanded protection & safety for minorities living in Pakistan.  In the conference Pakistan’s fragile situation of human rights and minorities rights in Pakistan were highlighted.


Speakers were also appealing for the release of Asia Bibi and all others who are in jail for false blasphemy cases.  Moreover they urged the Government of Pakistan to punish the people who instigate mobs against the Christians in Pakistan, particularly those who create fake blasphemy cases.


PMRO UK has strongly condemned the assassination of politician Shahbaz Bhatti and Governer Salman Taseer and demanded the Government of Pakistan to punish their perpetrators. They believe that the government of Pakistan has failed to catch the killers who assassinated them.

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