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Award winning criminal lawyer to speak at India Week 2024

Sana Raees Khan has built an impressive reputation as a criminal lawyer in India. She is currently in London to take part in ‘India Week’ – an event designed to foster relations between the UK and India in business and trade. 

Picture: Sana Raess Khan

On July 6, Sana will serve as a guest speaker at the event, which runs between June 29 and July 6.

The distinguished criminal lawyer, who is also known for her appearance in ‘Bigg Boss’, will cover a range of topics during her talk, including; legal frameworks for international trade, intellectual property rights, arbitrary and dispute resolution, data protection and privacy regulations and the intersection between law and celebrity.

During her time at the event, she is also hoping to connect with clients and explore potential partnerships between Indian and UK firms.

“India Week is highly significant for the Indian/UK economy,” she tells Pukaar News. 

“It serves as a platform to strengthen financial ties, to promote investment and foster collaborations across various sectors. The event is a great opportunity for networking and business opportunities. It plays a crucial role in enhancing public relations and entrepreneurship and thereby contributing to the overall growth and prosperity of both UK and Indian economies.

“I’m attending to participate in discussions on legal frameworks that facilitate business between India and the UK – to explore potential partnerships between Indian and British firms and contribute to the dialogue on enhancing financial trade relations to legal avenues.

“I hope that attendees gain a deeper understanding of how these legal frameworks can help foster stronger ties between India and the UK.”

As well as being in the city for business, Sana is also in London for pleasure. It’s her ‘favourite city’ she says.

“I visit frequently because of my love for the city – it’s vibrant culture and historic landmarks. The diverse culinary scene always makes my time delightful here,” she reveals.

Sana runs a successful law firm called SRK legal in Mumbai. A string of high profile cases, including the Aryan Khan ‘drugs on cruise’ case, have led to her becoming a well known name on the legal stage.

Her profile was elevated further when she appeared on Bigg Boss 17, a show she decided to take part in as a quest for experience and ‘personal growth.’

“The show was like a relaxation from my otherwise choc-a-block schedule,” she said. “My schedule is usually packed and I’m dealing with clients who have only sad stories to speak about, so this was a whole different ball game.

“I learned a lot of things about human nature and to communicate with people from all walks of life. It was a funny and life altering experience.”

Picture: Sana Raess Khan

Although she didn’t win, Sana is proud of her performance on the show. As for her legal victories, she doesn’t dwell on them too much.

“My journey in law has had many significant victories and sensational cases, but I don’t get carried away by one case or one moment,” said Sana, who recently won a Pride of India award.

She is looking forward to bring her insight to India Week and although she is still just 28, she already has a wealth of experience to share.

Her message for young women trying to carve out a successful career in law, is profound.

“Just follow your passion. Be resilient – be thick skinned. In a profession like this it is essential.

“People see my life now, but what has gone into it has been a lot of hard work -working tirelessly day and night – pulling all nighters reading cases meticulously, doing research. These are all things that go into making a brilliant lawyer,” she revealed.

“Skill, knowledge, hard work – everything is required plus of course, passion. That is the most essential thing as well as honesty and integrity. Being a lawyer, it is a very powerful profession. You have the power to impact someone’s life so don’t take it lightly and don’t take it for granted. Work hard, have drive, passion and I’m sure you will excel.”

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