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Second India Week hopes to create hundreds of jobs

More than 100 business leaders and policy makers from across India have travelled to London for a high-level networking event, geared towards creating hundreds of jobs.

The second ‘India Week’ – a week long series of events celebrating the UK-India partnership, is currently taking place in the capital. The event between June 29-July 6 is described by organisers as ‘the largest gathering of UK and Indian businesses in the country this year,’ promising ‘the opportunity to promote trade, business opportunities and cultural linkages between both countries.

Picture: provided by Pratik Dattani

“India is one of the most important trading partners for the UK and the UK is the third largest investor in India. Both countries are intrinsically linked in terms of each other’s success,”said Pratik Dattini, organisor of the event.

“Large listed companies from India and the UK will be in attendance. However the focus is mainly on medium sized business who are looking to expand abroad.

“UK companies are sometimes quite conservative when it comes to expanding overseas and maybe now they’re looking at the Indian market because it’s the fastest flowing major economy in the world today,” he went on to explain.

“On the Indian side, there may be a second or third generation businesses, which may be looking to expand overseas as part of a generational transfer or succession plan, and the UK is a kind of natural fit.”

Picture: Pratik Dattani

India Week is an opportunity for businesses to network – a kind of ‘matchmaking service’ for those who are looking to expand overseas.

More than 100 business leaders from 12-13 Indian states are expected, as well as political leaders, who will be meeting their English counterparts in the capital.

During India Week, a series of events will be taking place including an education conference at the University of Oxford. 

The event on July 3 will bring together around 25 owners of higher education institutes in India and their British counterparts.

On July 5, a full day business and policy focus conference will be taking place at the city’s Royal Lancaster, ahead of a fashion show, where the clothes of some leading South Asian brands will be showcased.

“The number one aim of this event would be to be able to announce that we’ve helped to create jobs both in the UK and India,” said Mr Dattani. 

“Through this event, if we can help secure two or three large partnerships and be able to announce that we’ve helped to create a couple of hundred jobs in the UK, that would be the ideal outcome for us.”

To find out more about India Week and the full list of events taking place, visit:

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